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Terapias Holísticas, Psicologia, Psicoterapias, Meditação, Cura com Arcturianos, Leitura de Registros Akáshicos, Feminino Sagrado

marilu Montenegro

Marilene Pitta

LEARNING TO CONVIVER was born in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro, more specifically in Copacabana. From this place you can smell the sea brought by the wind and also contemplate the mountains that are the stage for the dance of the clouds.

This workplace was created and founded by Marilú Miranda Montenegro e Almeida (psychologist, pedagogue, Master in Psychology and several graduate courses). He has always had a commitment to the child that lives in each of us. In this way, each speech about pain, sorrow, sadness, rejection, death is part of a therapeutic listening supported by the values of Ethics and Compassion; it is the life story of the other and ours as well. Thus, LEARNING TO LIVE TOGETHER has its ideological and philosophical foundation planted in the conception of the human person as a multidimensional being, that is, body, mind, emotion and energy that are intertwined in a living and dynamic mandala.

With the passing of linear time, other professionals vibrated in the same tune and started a partnership whose basic indicator is: Illuminate and Soften (Franciscan charisma).
From 1995, joining this proposal Marilene Ferreira de Mello Pitta with the same ideals, joined the group, operationalizing the Ciranda Social Project; In this way, Marilu's dream came true. LEARNING TO LIVE TODAY, supported by a Friendly Spirituality, guides his work in the areas of HEALTH, EDUCATION and CULTURE, which acts as a transforming flame at some level in the lives of all those who seek us.

AFFECTIVITY is the guiding thread of the approach that is concerned with the SINGULARITY and SUBJECTIVITY of the life trajectory of each person who arrives wanting our work. Therefore, we invest in a process of professional performance that has as its guiding principle the recognition, the connection and the perception of oneself as the author of one's own life story...

In other words, each one rewrites its history with the possibility of each individuality where the heart of each one will indicate the SACRED PATH to follow.

This is the main purpose of LEARNING TO LIVE WITHIN.

Light Tuning
Presentation of the Learning to Coexist Space

We serve all age groups (children, teenagers, adults and seniors). According to the problem, the person will be referred to an individual or group service. It is in our interest to make working partnerships with companies so that we can somehow contribute to a more harmonious work production.

In addition to office work, ESPAÇO APRRENDER A CONVIVER offers lectures, workshops, courses and also has a research database in the areas of the operational range of work. Together we will move forward with renewed hope every day, every morning, every moment that we have the full CONSCIOUSNESS of enabling and caring for Mother Earth within us.

Blessing of Light for all those who are accessing this living meeting place.

This is the world of the Universe in communion.