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Psychologist Marilu Montenegro
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Language teacher: Foreign Service Institute, American Embassy Ana (1966/1987).
Certificate of English: University of Michigan (1973).
Certificate of English: Temple University, Washington, DC 1965.
Master's degree in psychology: Gama Filho University (1987).
Pedagogy: PUC – RJ (1982).
Specialist in Operating Group: PUC, RJ, 1983.
Postgraduate Psychopedagogy: CPERJ-PUC-RJ 1988.
Postgraduate in socio-therapy Ramain Thiers -3 years -1988.
Clinical psychologist: PUC-RJ 1993.
Researcher at the Center for Women's Studies - PUC (6 years).

Floral therapy 3 years: 2000.
Holistic psychotherapy: training 3 years –UNIPAZ- RJ 2000.
Postgraduate UNIPAZ-RJ: International College of Therapists: 2007 UNIPAZ-RIO.
Magnified Healing: 2001.
Usui Reiki: 1.2 2002.
Akastic Records 1, 2, 3 University of Uruguay: 2003.
Quantum Apometry 2005 Rio.
Metaphysical Conferences with Kryon-2005, 2006 and 2007-Rio, Buenos Aires, Chile.
Several shamanic initiations with Brazilian, American, Peruvian, Chilean shamans - 10 years.
Metaphysical Counseling Training 2009-Rio.
2010-Rio energy alignment.
Reiki Karuna 2010-Rio.
Initiation "The Golden Lotus 1, 2 and 3", Rio, 2010.
Arcturian Formation Levels I, II, III and Masters, 2008.
Reconnective Healing, 2013.
Seminary of the Pleiadians, 2015..

Master's Thesis: The Executive Woman - Dublin, Ireland, 1987.
He published the book “Portuguese as a Second Language” presented at the Frankfurt fair in 1987 as an experience of working at the American Embassy.
Several research publications on women's rights, presented in Brazil and abroad.
Exchanges in the USA, Canada, Cuba, Scotland, India, China.
Lecturer in faculties and seminars on education, psychology, alternative therapies. at the congresses Ramain Thiers presented works on the unconscious and learning, ”Sharing in Therapy”, ”The Awakening of Therapy” and affectivity in therapeutic groups (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999).
Works on “Archetypes,” “Inca Therapy”, “Feminine- Co-Creation and Transdisciplinarity” (2001, 2002, 2003).
Monograph for UNIPAZ-RIO: “Feminino Ferido” 2005.
Peace Conference, representing Brazil, Turkey, 2013.
Peace Conference, representing Brazil, Turkey, 2014.
Women's Conference Yesterday and Today, Angola, 2015.

Professor of Portuguese at the Foreign Service Institute, Am Ericana Embassy in Rio De Janeiro and Brasília. ( 21 years).
Postgraduate Professor of Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Psychopedagogy at Universidade Gama Filho, Faculty of Education Instituto Isabel and Uni-Carioca (1990 to 2006).
Researcher at the Women's Studies Center and at the Psychopedagogy Center. PUC-RJ (1988 to 1993).
Speaker in several cities in Brazil and abroad.
Counselor at the State Council for Women's Rights RJ-(1992 -1994).
Clinical psychologist since 1988.
Founder of Espaço Aprender a Conviver 1995.
Metaphysical Therapist.

“Portuguese as a Second Language” : publisher of the Technical Book, 1993 and presented at the fair in Frankfurt, Germany.
Master's thesis: “The Executive Woman” – psychosocial vision, 1987, presented in Ireland in Dublin.
“Affectivity and Learning Problem”. Research presented in Cuba, Congress of Psychoanalysis, 1990.
“Women in the Labor Market” PUC-RJ, 1991.
“Women's Emancipation – A Struggle” PUC-RJ, 1988.
Research presented at the IV International Congress on Women's Rights: “Sexist View in the Physics Laboratory”, Hunter College, New York, USA, 1990.
2013 and 2014 - Conference of Turkey representing Brazil
2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 - Omega Program - representative of the 12 world leaders "Call of Friendship" - Turkey.